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3 Ways T-shirt Fundraisers Can Help Your Organization Grow

Successful organizations are measured by progress and performance. Expanding a brand can be challenging and require multiple avenues to create growth. We’ve identified 3 ways a T-shirt fundraiser can be used to facilitate brand recognition.

1) Product Offering- Having a quality product is a great way to garner recognition in your community. Providing merchandise allows organizations to expand brand awareness and create additional revenue. Offering t-shirts is a great affordable way to raise funds.

2) Social Media Presence- Many organizations struggle with grabbing the attention of online followers. Do you struggle with social media engagement? 



Consider using social media to execute a t-shirt campaign. Engage your social media followers by providing them with the opportunity to vote on apparel designs. A campaign centered on your organization’s message is a great way to garner social engagement. Custom designed T-shirts with your logo and slogan increases your company’s online social media visibility and offline presence.

 3) Military Reach- The network of military servicemen and women are a loyal network of customers. Our quality pro-military t-shirts give your organization the opportunity to attract a broad base of military families, advocates, veterans and civilian patriots.

 s you are growing your organization, consider the benefits of expanding your product offerings, brand awareness and reach through Freedom Forever’s extensive apparel line.


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